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    Official Bio:

    "Launched in the Fall of 2008 by fashion designer Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada is a boutique brand stocked worldwide. Created for those drawn by inspirational pieces, Collina Strada is a true combination of vintage and modern style, created to seamlessly translate from season to season. Distinguished by high-end construction and tailored shapes, Collina Strada combines brilliant colors and matchless details in order to create contrast and versatility in each piece Collina Strada keeps sustainability in mind by hand-making each piece in New York with eco-conscious materials. 

    New York transplant, Hillary Taymour, is the mastermind behind Collina Strada. Collina Strada is now part of the Milkmade program and presented its 2015 SS collection for the first time at NYFW. Hillary takes her laidback leather ideas from the initial concept and design through the stages of technical design, sourcing, production and marketing straight to the consumer. She holds an Associates degree in Product Development and a Bachelors degree in business management from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising."


    We asked Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada to fill in the blank:

    1. Earth is     round, I've heard   

    2. Outerspace is     the next go to destination   

    3. I feel most comfortable in     eyeliner   

    4. My spirit animal is     my dog powwow   

    5.     Traveling and being around loved ones     makes me the happiest

    6. The future of fashion is     HERE!!!    

    7. I learned the most from     listening    

    8. The greatest compliment I could receive is      I like you more than your dog    

    9. My style mantra is     less is more    

    10. Sleep or sleep when you're dead     dying from lack of sleep    

    11. If only I could have designed      shoes    

    12. When I woke up today, I felt      dehydrated    

    13. Most people would say I am      Hillary Taylor    

    14. I shop the most at      my neighborhood deli    

    15. I think     high maintenance     is hilarious

    16. When on a crowded subway, I      turn on some ambient soundscapes    

    17. Drones are     going to be delivering me stuff from Amazon soon    

    18. Fast fashion is     toxic    

    19. My horoscope sign is      Leo, Capricorn rising, Scorpio moon     and it is spot on/so not:    pretty spot on    

    20. I'm certain of     today   

    21. I'm not so certain of     tomorrow   

    22. My clothes are for     you