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    Au Revoir Les Filles

    There must be an oceanic osmosis in the air because when we stumbled upon the Australian jewelry line 'Au Revoir Les Filles', we felt our unconscious desires answered. For her latest collection titled 'DAWN', designer Teresa Tiong found inspiration in the mystical, mysterious world of the deep ocean and it's hypnotic beauty. Refined lines and geometic shapes convey strength and confidence while luminescent blue opals create a feminine contrast - resulting in the perfect balance of dark vs. light, edgy vs. feminine, man-made vs. nature-made, fact vs. illusion.

    We have always had a deep inante love for opals. The way they illuminate with a array of colorful hues when the light hits! The visual stimulus is almost too much for our eyes! Resulting in a rush of emotions flowing from our eyeball sockets throughout our body to our brain/mind/soul/heart - translating into the purist feeling of joy and serenity. We are sincerely delighted to see them used in such a modern and experimental way. Thank you Teresa for being on the same wavelength! 

    Click here to read the official bio and our Q&A with designer Teresa Tiong of Au Revoir Les Filles