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    Official Bio:

    "Launched in 2014, AU REVOIR LES FILLES is a jewellery label dedicated to strong and poetic keepsakes. The designs draw upon the symbolic themes of love and longing, and explore the shadows that fall with the beautiful.

    Shot with renowned Australian talents like Margaret Zhang and Ruby Jean Wilson, AU REVOIR LES FILLES' evocative campaigns have graced international features from L'Officiel Singapore to Elle South Africa. Pieces from both the Killaflora and Dawn collections have garnered numerous press hits, the most recent being Oyster, Russh and InStyle. The label has fast become a favourite among bloggers like Erika Bowes, Talisa Sutton, Isabel Tan and Citizens of the World.  

    AU REVOIR LES FILLES is created by Paris trained designer Teresa Tiong. Born in Singapore, Tiong grew up being inspired by the vintage beauty of the jewelry pieces passed through her family. She studied fashion design at Esmod Paris, an internationally renowned school for fashion since 1841, where she picked up the L’Oreal Paris Award for her fashion illustrations. Back in Sydney, she spent ten years across leading Australian labels, including Sass & Bide, Manning Cartell and Charlie Brown. She now turns her attention to her own label, placing emphasis on fine detail with high craftsmanship and nuanced touches."


    We asked Teresa Tiong of Au Revoir Les Filles to fill in the blanks:

    1. Earth is    smoother than a bowling ball   

    2. Outerspace is    a scary void of freewheeling spins and motion sickness   

    3. I feel most comfortable in    breton tees, boyfriend jeans, bed-head hair and bare feet   

    4. My spirit animal is    the moth   

    5.    Soggy sponge fingers in vanilla milk    makes me the happiest

    6. The future of fashion is     about artists who are willing to develop original works and ideas that will influence the industry and inspire others   

    7. I learned the most from     myself, and the guy holding my hand   

    8. The greatest compliment I could receive    would be from a fellow designer or person I admire, like Anne Sofie Madsen   

    9. My style mantra is    vintage borrowed from my mum and grandmother mixed with some classics   

    10. Sleep or sleep when you're dead     SLEEP!!!   

    11. If only I could have designed     the Rottweiler tee from Givenchy   

    12. When I woke up today, I felt    like a girl on fire   

    13. Most people would say I am    not afraid to make fun of myself   

    14. I shop the most at    vintage op stores    

    15. I think    the TV show "If You Are The One"    is hilarious

    16. When on a crowded subway    I am amazed at the number of people glued to their phone screens   

    17. Drones are     the love-child between a spider and a helicopter   

    18. Fast fashion is    weekly reports of indecipherable numbers and statistics   

    19. My horoscope sign is    Taurus   and it's spot on/so not:    spot on    

    20. I'm certain of    my heart   

    21. I'm not so certain of      the journey ahead, but I believe in trusting your instincts and following your dreams    

    22. My jewelry is for    story-tellers