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    Sandy Liang

    Believe the hype. Sandy Liang is undoubtbly a well over-due impetus to the mechanical, creatively stagnant industry that is New York. Her non-formula, formula is one that strikes that perfect balance which makes a successful designer...A degree from Parsons School of Design, a few respectable internships in her back pocket (Philip Lim, Jason Wu, Opening Ceremony), and an extremely youthful/progressive/refreshing/energetic/humble/genuine persona (basically the whole package).

    Liang grabbed our attention because of her attitude toward design which is inherent in her clothes. Her inspiration is based primarily off of what she would want to wear, and the heads that inspire. No need to travel to Cappadocia or drown yourself in Frank Lloyd Wright architecture when you're already on the frequency of receiving.

    Based on the Lower East Side of New York, it is easy to see Liang's influence. Pulling from a condensed demographic of hyper aware, overly discerning individuals - Individuals that are constantly having to rethink what is actually individual. Through thorough and thoughtful navigation, Liang reinvegorates overlooked fragments of subcultures, and subtly works these ideas/design aspects into timeless and classic pieces. Capturing New York's downtown ethos and providing the industry with a breath of fresh air, with her pulse on the zeitgeist, and a solid unwavering sense of self & brand identity. 

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