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    Official Bio:
    "JH.ZANE is a fashion label based in London, under Black Box Project Ltd, run by company Creative Director and Chief Fashion Designer Juhao Zeng. After graduating in 2011 from Winchester School of Art, JH Zane trained professionally in Katie Eary’s and Gareth Pugh’s studios, whilst at the same time establishing himself as a free-lance stylist with editorials published in different independent magazines, and is highly involved in the 
    Fashion industry in London.

    Androgyny is the key style reflected throughout JH.ZANE’s designs. As the “concept” of fashion design has become significantly more important in recent years, JH.ZANE as a label aims and delights in getting back to basics, combining subtle details with classic silhouettes,new textures and print.

    After two years of refining practical skills and defining his personal aesthetic, in 2013, 
    Zane rebooted and launched his label JH.ZANE."


    We asked Juhao Zeng of JH.Zane to fill in the blanks:

    1. Earth is     not round    

    2. Outerspace is      mystery    

    3. I feel most comfortable in     my bath    

    4. My spirit animal is     a dragon, if a dragon is animal    

    5.     My pets      make me the happiest

    6. The future of fashion is      hopeful    

    7. I learned the most from      experiences    

    8. The greatest compliment I could receive      is "your clothes empower me"    

    9. My style mantra is      practical, comfortable, different    

    10. Sleep or sleep when you're dead      sleep     

    11. If only I could have designed      finn juhl's everything     

    12. When I woke up today, I felt     excited    

    13. Most people would say I am      nice    

    14. I shop the most at      the pet store    

    15. I think     John Ronson     is hilarious

    16. When on a crowded subway, I     get off it    

    17. Drones are      genius    

    18. Fast fashion is     fine I think    

    19. My horoscope sign is     Cancer     and it is spot on/so not:      spot on    

    20. I'm certain of      my choice    

    21. I'm not so certain of     anything mathematic    

    22. My clothes are for     confident women    


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