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    Official Bio:

    Bad Form is a Los Angeles based label created by designer Gurina Yunji Chae in 2014. Gurina's focus was set on sourcing uncommon fabrics and sewing construction, to create quality USA made garments. The design process, pattern-making, and sewing are all factors that are a part of the designer's undertaking.

    Bad Form's ready-to-wear collections celebrate a new approach to modern dressing. a juxtaposition of tailored and over-sized silhouettes are inspired by the refined bad seeds of our generation.  "We are in the mood for the reinvention of stapled simplicity for the modern woman."


    We asked Gurina Yunji Chae of Bad Form to fill in the blanks:

    1. Earth is     just a temporary visit   

    2. Outerspace is     wild   

    3. I feel most comfortable in     black   

    4. My spirit animal is     Marla Singer   

    5.    My friends and family   make me the happiest

    6. The future of fashion is     in the hands of the creatives   

    7. I learned the most from     my mistakes   

    8. The greatest compliment I could receive    anything relative to my brainchild Bad Form   

    9. My style mantra is     dress for yourself   

    10. Sleep or sleep when you're dead     SLEEP forever   

    11. If only I could have designed     furniture   

    12. When I woke up today, I felt     like I needed a triple shot Americano   

    13. Most people would say I am     a little nuts   

    14. I shop the most at     flea markets   

    15. I think    reality TV is hilarious   is hilarious

    16. When on a crowded subway    I get anxiety   

    17. Drones are    tight   

    18. Fast fashion is    lowering the expectation for quality   

    19. My horoscope sign is    GEMINI    and it's spot on/so not:  SO SPOT ON    

    20. I'm certain of    what I want   

    21. I'm not so certain of     my hair styles/brows circa 2012   

    22. My clothes are for    those who connect with them