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    Toit Volant is a directional contemporary, effortless, minimal independent fashion label with an edge of distinction.

    Our designs are versatile, classic yet progressive, dynamic, playful, adaptable and affordable. The styles can easily move in the context of day to night, casual daywear, office to leisure.
    Our brand emphasis on: High Quality, Sustainable Manufacturing, Fair Labor, Social Responsibility, Manufactured in California: Made in USA.
    Toit Volant is an evocative, personal womenswear brand that brings fashion and style for real woman.

    With her diverse experiences, Alnea Farahbella, the designer of Toit Volant, is a dressmaker, a fashion designer, a pattern-maker, a sewer and a woman in love with fashion.

    The designer loves waking up to dress up, to explore in bodacious styles while riding motorbikes. Alnea enjoys walking with her dog in outlandish silhouettes to feel refresh. She dresses up to design, to create patterns, to sew and to work with the makers at the factories. Alnea maintains a sense of humor and lightheartedness in her everyday life happenings. Most importantly she is passionately driven with the art and craft of designing and dress making.

    With a decade of living overseas, the designer’s extensive fashion background includes years of teaching in prestigious fashion design programs; Pratt Institute New York, Parsons The New School as the MFA design studio manager and Raffles Institute Asia. Her travels and professional experiences gave the designer an honest realistic view into the world of fashion and manufacturing.

    The time of living overseas, exposure to luxury brands development, walking for hours in fabric markets provided an education to the reality of excess textiles, mass production, unconscionable sample productions caused by nature and extreme demands of fashion.

    In 2013, the designer committed to establish a brand that supports small business owners, responsible sourcing of textiles and materials, limited mindful quantities, work hands on with small size fair labor factories to maintain her pledge for sustainability.

    Our company is dedicated to being personal, intimate with the craft of dress making without the luxury price tag, engage with the makers, with the woman wearing our designs, share the ideology of investing moderately in product consumption that has equal value to longevity, good quality and exclusivity. Our brand aims for loyalty and trust in our products.


    We asked Alnea Farahbella of Toit Volant to fill in the blanks:

    1. Earth is     an organism    

    2. Outerspace is      far away     

    3. I feel most comfortable in      my Toit Volant dresses     

    4. My spirit animal is      a horse    

    5.      My partner      makes me the happiest

    6. The future of fashion is      dull if we stop taking risk with styles     

    7. I learned the most from      making garments     

    8. The greatest compliment I could receive     would be for one of my design heroes to be wearing one of my dresses     

    9. My style mantra is     keeping the style minimal with a statement    

    10. Sleep or sleep when you're dead     sleep when you can    

    11. If only I could have designed      more jumpsuits for the upcoming seasons    

    12. When I woke up today, I felt      free     

    13. Most people would say I am      animated     

    14. I shop the most at      home depot    

    15. I think    my dogs and my partner   are hilarious

    16. When on a crowded subway, I     put myself behind people my height so I don't get crushed    

    17. Drones are     scary    

    18. Fast fashion is     not creative    

    19. My horoscope sign is    Capricorn    and it is spot on/so not:     spot on    

    20. I'm certain of     riding motorcycles     

    21. I'm not so certain of      driving cars    

    22. My clothes are for      women who want something different from the rest