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    Shot by: Megan Witt Photography
    Lighting: Travis Vaughn, 1st Assistant: Katie Porter
    Hair & Makeup: Nikki Guevara (Makeup Songbird), Katrina Corral Artistry
    Models in Order of Apperance: Pesi Therese, Christine Marchant, & Janna Ahmetjanova
    Karolyn Pho Sheer Chiffon Dress, HOH Curate Vintage Check Dress, Fishnets (Sylists Own), Miu Miu Shoes
    HOH Curate Vintage Trench, HOH Curate Pink Chiffon Chain Tank, Nanushka Canvas Trousers, Belt From Trench Worn as Neck Scarf, Miu Miu Shoes
    Nanushka Denim Button Up, Karla Spetic Skirt, V-Bra (Stylists Own)
    Karla Spetic Naive Dress
    Karla Spetic Window Top, Karla Spetic Skirt, Au Revoir Les Filles Choker, Saint Laurent Sneakers
    Karla Spetic Allure Dress, Miu Miu Shoes
    Karla Spetic Allure Dress, Nanushka Knit Turtleneck, Miu Miu Shoes
    CF. Goldman Faux Pony Sweater, Karolyn Pho Pleated Pants, Rochas Platforms

    HOH Curate Vintage Fairy Dress
    Collina Strada Nova Turtleneck, Collina Strada Big Bend Top, Collina Strada Cascades Pant, Pink Fishnets (Stylists Own), Miu Miu Shoes
    Nanushka TrenchCollina Strada Nova TurtleneckCollina Strada Big Bend TopCollina Strada Cascades Pant, Pink Fishnets (Stylists Own), Miu Miu Shoes
    Collina Strada Button Up (on and tied around waist), Nanushka Canvas Trousers
    String Fringe Bra, Pink Fishnets & Levi's (Stylists own)

    Collina Strada Button Up, String Frige Bra, Pink Fishnets & Levi's (Stylists own)