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    Consider the de rigueur of the London fashion scene: where designers are whipping up dreams on the daily but where conceptual core often dilutes and mutates to the high street and cycles back. Then consider designer JH.ZANE - one of the few Apostles outside of this construct. Incoming with his smart lens for romantic and unsolicited wit and standing out in top form.

    Zane's training came in the studios of Katie Eary and Gareth Pugh, respectively, both of whom undoubtedly prepared him to understand a fine garment's expected (im)mortal life with the omnipresent need for newness. The resulting artistic output birthed a namesake, personal label imagined in androgyny. Serving playful yet impeccably tailored treasures, encompassed by that nostalgic call to build an iconic wardrobe - the statement coat, the optimistic palette, the infinite, styling-worthy separates (Zane is a former stylist), and conservative mod girl suiting. The brand new freshness plays on glamorous, British past-present roots.  

    Cool girl codes, either keeping with the current times or called up from someplace else, include raw hem detailing, tee shirt lace, asymmetrical~curvilinear lines, prerequisite pearl detailing and leather-free leather - all demarcating the new attitude of fashion. We consider the reverence and tradition of garment making at its smartest and sharpest, much like many of Zane's pieces, while meeting a worthy reality (dream) & the still life (style). Creating a fresh renewal, and whimsical evocation of raw and ethereal delicacy, transcending fashion in the most elusive way. YAY.

    Click here to read the official bio and our Q&A with JH.ZANE designer Juhao Zeng